Terrazzo Tile Machine

High Quality Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Price 
many modules available,single or double layers,easy to operate,reliable working

High Quality Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Price

Terrazzo Tile Making Machine has the following characteristics:

1. Can make roof tiles, includes main tile, ridge tile, end tile...etc.

2. Can make TURBSTONE with length reach 100cm more, sand, cement, cobblestones and water.

3. Each kind tile has module, we can open any modules of designs from customers.

4. About tile, single layer & double layers are both available.

5. Very easily operated by workers. One machine need 2-3 people. Workers need 2-3 hours are able to learn completely.

The terrazzo tile can compare with the natural marble.

Technical Specifications of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine UT-125E/400:

Molding Pressure


Molding Speed


Mainframe Power


Tile Type

Cement, gravel, stone powder

Overall Dimensions