Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete Mixing Plant

This concrete mixing plant is composed of material supply、batching system、mixing、electrical control and steel structure. It is ideal concrete equipment for building project,

building ground and precast product factory. The main characteristic is: The machine

adopts DE500 concrete mixer, it has good mixing quality and high efficiency. The batching

machine adopts DE1200, it is measuring nicety and high produce efficiency. The cement is

store in cement silo and feeding by screw conveyor. The water supply system is composed

by water tank, water pump and water weight system. The whole batching and mixing

course is automatism by electrical control system (it also can be hand control). The

structure is simple and easy to install and debug. It is adopts advanced control system

and imports component with high dependability.


1. Mainly used as a cement storage tank of Concrete Mixing Plant;

3. It can be equipped with level indicator so as to monitor the material level and amount.

4. With the screw conveyor, the materials can be conveyed to a certain position.

5. Environment friendly design. It is equipped with filter which can reduce the air pollution.


Bulk cement silo is enclosed tank storage of bulk materials, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials.


20/30/50 /100 ton etc
Made of Q235 steel
Lower cost of the silo foundation

Product Features

01 Aggregate Weighing and Conveying System:

Individual aggregate weighing system.
Groove belt conveyor takes a small floor space with high efficiency.
The original return belt conveyor can totally solve the blanking problem of groove-belt conveyor.
Sand hopper exclusively uses the structure of "liner-board with vibration", not only able to make the sand down by vibration, but also will not cause the board to be shattered, significantly solving the problems of aggregate measurement inaccuracy due that sand material distribution is uneven and not smooth.

02 Compact Structures:

It is easy to move with its compact structure.

03 Powder Weighing System:

The accurate feeder screw conveyor can be used in the weighing of powder. Both screw conveyors can work simultaneously. When the feed amount is nearly target, the main screw conveyor will stop working and the small screw conveyor will continue working, achieving the goal of accurate feeding.
Screw conveyor outlet with butterfly valve can avoid the inaccuracy of weighing led by unstable blanking for inertial.
Each powder can be calculated and measured independently, which is convenient to add and remove, ensuring the accuracy of weighing.
The big end and small end joining technique is used between powder scale and screw conveyor and mixer without powder accumulation and impacts on the measurement.
The connection between powder scale and platform is non-welding and unlocking, avoiding the inaccuracy of weighing of powder made by calculation and measurement platform deformation when overfeed.
Reasonable permeability design and balance powder scale pressure effectively avoid impacts on the measurement.

04 Liquid Weighing System(Engineering Liquid Supply System):

Rough and precise calculation of liquid admixture as well as adjustment equipment such as stock bag and manual ball valve can adjust at proper time and rise the accuracy of weighing.
Upstairs water storage tank can automatically drop by gravity. Flux is more stable. Weighing is precise. Rough and precise measurement, and automatically add the lost and remove the extra, and ensure measurement accuracy.
Independent admixture scale, adding in advance and adding later are both feasible. Admixture leakage prevention device can ensure the quality and safety of the concrete.