QT8-15 High quality concrete block making machine

QT8-15 concrete block making machine and brick making machine We provide leading technologies in block industry, from a standalone machine to a whole automated line, with world class flexibility, quality and cost-efficiency. We have already exported our machines to Asia, US, and Europe, India, many customers come back to order more lines.

Technology data Weight 11000KG Rated pressure 21MP Vibration frequency 50HZ;3000-4000r/min Pallet size 1100×560×20(mm) Power 45kw daily output in 8hoursStandard brick (240×115×53)76800pcsMulti-hole brick(240×115×90)38400pcsHollow brick(390×190×190)12600pcsAdvance vibrating technology,Feeding and forming by different vibrating mode assure high quality of feeding and forming.

Product Description:

1. Seamless welding automatic block molding machine, mold adopts two oxygen protected carbon to protect

materials from bursting;

2. Cloth platform adopt stainless steel wear-resistant plate, abrasion, longer life

3. Unique positioning magnetic stripe, ensure high consistence brick of four horns

4. Characteristic of the induction switch (Korea autonics brand) , waterproof, full automatic, save manpower

5. PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human-machine interface;

6. High-efficient and super-strong vibration system, computer-control flow pressure of the hydraulic system,

realize vertically synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and braking, with synthetic output compounded

with double vibration sources, thus greatly increase product compactness and mold-box service life.

7.Fitted with special hydraulic loading unit, readily realize mass and automatic production, saving a great deal of

human power, maintenance field, and circulating fund investment.

Technical Specifications of QT8-15 brick making machine:

Technical Parameters:

Each bolding blocks


Brick specifications


Molding circle


Shift production(8 hours)

60,000-70,000 pieces



Modes of vibration

Pressure vibration

moulding pres


Pallet Size


Main Fetures of QT8-15 Brick Making Machine:

1. Cylinder pressure up and down vibration related.

2. separate double box hydraulic station,and using the bottom of the pumping technology.

3. load balancing framework and balance with eight additional gear occlusion; to ensure that the balance in the body.

4. the bottom of the force,double vibration.

5. floating fabrics containers;360-degree spin cloth fabrics in one operation.

6. using sub-feeder to feed,different blocks of different sub-feeding quantity.

7. mobile code board machines,each complete two-plate palletizing.Reduce costs,improve work efficiency.