QT3-15 Hydraulic Cement Paving Making Machine

QT3-15 automatic fly ash brick machine and block making machine

We provide leading technologies in block industry from 1989, from a standalone machine to a whole automated line, with world class flexibility, quality and cost-efficiency. We have already exported our machines to Asia, US, and Europe, India, many customers come back to order more lines.

Introduction of Products

1.Super-strong steel structure ,made of extensive imported original parts,ensuring more stability and reliability for the main machine body.

2.The whole process uses a PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human -machine interface,easy to analyze the chance signal ,ensure the best operation effect.

3.High-efficiency and super-strong vibration system ,computer control flow pressure of the hydraulic system ,realise vertically thus greatly increase products compactness and mold-box service life.

4.The cloth system adopts semi-closed screen reticular feeding unit to feed materials forcedly ,with evenness and even speed , ensuring product intensity.

5.Fitted with special hydraulic loading unit,readily realise mass and automatic production ,saving a great

deal of human power ,maintenance , and circulating fund investment.

Advantages and characteristics of this machine

1,It can use all kinds of materials:slag,coal ash,dust,blinding,tailings,limestone powder,sandcoal gangue,construction waste slag,fly ash,volcanoashand so on,which could be foundeverywhereand it’svery convenientforinvestment and construction .

2,The spring structure: besides rack,the hang on of the machine and the conne ction parts all usespring,which not only ensure the pressure head,castingbox,moldcoreand pallets to work together and make the products hard and homogeneous,when it is vibration molding; but also make the machine work steady and have little noise and realize the effect of reducing vibration.

3,The pressure head could be movedlength ways: its convenient for it to add material,be repaired and be washed.Thedropmeasured justunder20mm,which on one hand make the bricks have noroughselvedges,on the other hand have little damage to the corner of the casting box.

4,It can produce all kinds of hollow blocks,solid bricks and color paving bricks by changing different molds.

5,The palletisexciting together with the corner of the casting boxwhich can last the using time of the pallets.Because of the reasons above ,the product of this machine have high strength ,can be stacked once it forming,can save 5 to 10 percent cement. You only need to invest a little money and area to get this machine ,while you can earn much money.The material are easy to get and it’s a best choice forindividual enterprise and construction unit.

6,The mold is made ofalloy steelwith high technology and high accuracy.

The mold is charactered withanti-seismic,durable accurate size