QT15 Concrete Paver Brick Making Machine

Description of 9-type super block machine performance advantages:( This 9-type block machine is the best block machine in China, it has the fastest and largest output. it can produce the best quality blocks .it is the most saving cement.)  

Vibration System: it has unique powerful frequency and amplitude change vibration system. amplitude and frequency can be automatically adjusted according to different concrete products .ensure rapid prototyping. Advanced vibration mode can make the effective vibration up to more than 95%, thus the block dense is high, vibration period is short, ensure the production of block has high strength and remarkable uniformity. The blocks’ height error can be accurately controlled within ± 1mm. Speed of production of 390 * 190 * 190 blocks (8blocks / plate) is 15 seconds / plate, Compared with china other manufacturers’ equipment , our production increased 30%-50%.so it is China's fastest and largest output 8-type block machine.Because of blocks’ high density, Compared with ordinary block machines, ours can save 30% of the cement. This Super block machine can produce 20MPa high-strength blocks constantly and stably.

Electrical control system: we use the high quality PLC control and touch screen system to ensure the stability and high reliability of the equipment. It has high response frequency control technology which can avoid the phenomenon of motor overheating during continuous operation, it can also save 30% energy.

Hydraulic system: the double high dynamic electro-hydraulic proportional valve is used, flow and pressure adjustment of the hydraulic system can be more accurately. The buffer hydraulic cylinder can avoid damage to the cylinder comes from inertia. Double loading of main oil pump according to the system operation state automatically adjust the flow of oil pump and can save 10% energy.
Distributing system : It is used the 360 degree rotation distributing gear, the raw materials are mixed evenly and it is suitable for a variety of materials and all kinds of mold block.
Storage bucket system: Mobile reserves bucket, with wide belt feeding, according to the different block types can achieve accurate quantitative feeding. When the hopper is removed, it is convenient to clean the distributing box.
Frame and mould system: it is made by high strength thick wall steel tube, even long-term use is no possibility of cracking. Mold hardness up to HRC52~56 service life.
S9 block machine can be composed of simple automatic line (including batching machine, mixers, belt conveyer, block machine, stacker machine, automatic on-board machine),. If offline palletizer is selected, , separation of plate and block, automatic collection of stacking pallet, block stacking can be realized unmanned management operations. 
S9 block machine can be composed of unmanned automatic production lines.

concrete block machine,cement block machine 

Production per mould

9pcs/mould (Hollow block: 400×200×200mm)

50pcs/mould (Solid block: 240×115×53mm)


36pcs/mould (Holland brick: 200×100× 60-80mm)

Cycle time

10-15 seconds(Depending on product type)

Production per shift
(8 working hours)

17280-25920pcs : (Hollow block :400×200×200mm)

96000-144000pcs: (Solid block :240×115×53mm)


69120pcs :  (Holland brick :200×100×60-80mm)

Vibration frequency

4000 rolls/minute or 50-60 Hz

Vibrating force




Volume of hoppers

Main material: 1200L


Pallet size


Gross weight

12.5T (without face mix device)

13.5T (with face mix device)

Total power


Raw materials

Crushed stone, cement,  coal fly ash, cinder, sand,slag, gangue, gravel,

 perlite and other industrial waste.

Applicable products

Concrete blocks, solid/hollow masonry products, garden and landscaping 

products, paving stones with or without face mix, slabs, curbstones, 

grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.

Applied fields

Suitable for buildings, gardens, landscaping, city constructions, 

road paving, squares,etc.