Semi-automatic block production line

Semi Automatic Block Production Line

Descriptions of Semi Automatic Block Production Line
1. Well-equipped concrete products production line with highly automated computer operation.
2. the programmed finger car is replaced by forklift; pallet elevator and lowerator replaced by palletsizer and lowerator ; finished products are transferred by forklift.
3. Equipment in the curing room is designed according to the forklift size and pallet height.
4. basically reach the goal of a full automatic production

A Sketch Map of Semi Automatic Block Production Line
1 cement silo 15 elevator
2 batching plant 16 lowerator
3 screw conveyor 17 distance-saving deliver system
4 cement scale 18 pallet elevator&lowerator
5 mixer 19 pallet bin
6 belt conveyor 20 pallet turnover unit
7 block molding machine 21 pallet bin
8 storage and distributing bin with closed conveyer 22 stacker
9 pallet conveyor 23 finger car
10 block conveyor system 24 hydraulic system
11 cleaner 25 control system
12 pallet supply unit 26 forklift
13 pallet oil immersed device 27 curing yard
14 products conveyor 28 pusher