Automatic Concrete Brick Blocks Palletizer

Automatic Cuber
 Automatic cuber is also called automatic palletizing machine. As a kind of mechatronic hi-tech product, automatic palletizing machine can greatly reduce labor and labor intensity. It is also well appreciated for small occupying area, high efficiency and strong adaptability.


  • Low labor intensity, high efficiency and excellent security 
  • Low cost, easy maintenance and high capacity
  • Adopting new manufacturing process and technology
  • Fitted with PLC, touch screen, standard control button and signal switch
  • Composes of concrete automatic loading palletizer, industrial robot, palletizing manipulator, and so on

 Working Principal 

  •  The main unit of brick stacking machine includes a trolley moving forward and backward, a frame and a platform desk that can move up and down.
  • The lifting platform of automatic palletizing machine is driven by the motor to do up and down movement to the right place. Meanwhile, the trolley sends the classified products to the top of the pallet. After palletizing, the finished products will be conveyed by the pallet conveyor.