AAC Block Production Line

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a siliceous material (sand, fly ash and silicon tailings

such as waste porcelain clay, stone processing waste materials, blast furnace slag, etc.) and

calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the main raw material, mixing fat gas agent (aluminum

powder), by ingredients, mixing, casting, preraising, cutting,

autoclave, curing process made of light porous silicate products, because by the hair contains

a lot of gas even after the small pores, hence the name of aerated concrete

Light weight Fly Ash AAC Block brick production equipment raw materials

Fly-Ash: A lot has been said about this raw material in this Project Profile itself. But this Raw material is freely available in Thermal Power plants. There are no taxes on this item whatsoever. Transportation charges are only to be attended by the entrepreneur.

Lime: Active powered lime is a requirement for giving the real aeration to the product. In phase 1 we can aim to buy the active lime directly. In phase -2 we can think of having backward integration and making a lime powering unit at site to have a more competitive advantage, We can also think of a lime burning klin inside the factory premises. The project financials however have not considered the costs of powering unit, and the lime kiln in this project. Different qualities of lime are available, and depending on the raw materials, the mix design can be chosen to get the optimal quality of production.

OPC. This Project aims to utilize OPC cement as main binder material. It will give faster strength to the bricks, besides giving improved consistent quality. It also ensures a better cost effectiveness for the same. Using OPC will be a standardized practice. The other prime advantages of using OPC (compared to other binders) is it’s easy availability locally through nationwide Retail Network of Cement Companies.

Gypsum: This too is an industrial waste. This is available as an industrial byproduct of Fertilizer Plant. Gypsum is responsible to give long term strength to the Blocks.

Aluminum Power. Finely ground Aluminum power is used in very limited quantity ( less than 0.5%), so that it reacts with active lime, and silica in base material to make the aeration.

Technical specification of China Full Autmatic fly ash AAC block production system 150000 CBM

1.The part made by Huatong
Ⅰ. Raw Material Preparing Process
NO. Name Specifications Quantity
1 Batch Machine 2.5m³ 2 set
2 Belt Conveyor 8m×0.6 m 1 set
3 Slurry Mixer 3.2m³ 1 set
4 Waste Slurry Mixer 4m³ 1 set
5 Slurry Pump(YZ) 80YZ80-20 4 set
6 Slurry Storage Tank 20m³ 2 set
7 Waste Slurry Tank 20m³ 1 set
8 Cement Silo 45m³ 1 set
9 Lime Silo 45m³ 1 set
Ⅱ. Pouring, Mixing Process
10 Slurry Weighing Tank 6T 1set
11 Powder Weighing Tank 3T 1set
12 Air Compressor V-O-17/B 1set
13 Screw Conveyor Φ219×2.5m 3set
14 Aluminum Mixer 0.05m³ 1set
15 Casting Mixer 4.2m³ 1set
16 Mould Carrier 3.14m×2.3m 1set
Ⅲ. Curing Process
17 Mould Box 4400×1660×880mm 12 set
18 Plate of Mould Box 4140×670×100mm 70 set
19 Winch System 4KW-35 3 set
IV.Grouping, Reverse Process
20 Crane Turning Machine 5.5 M×2 M-P=5T 1 set
21 Hydraulic System of Turning Machine 7.5KW -20Mp 1 set
22 Crane&Block Carrier 5.5 M×2 M-P=3.5T 1 set
23 Oil Tank of Block Carrier 5.5 KW -20Mp 1 set
V. Cutting Process
24 Frequency Conversion Cutting Machine 3 M×1.4M 1 set
25 Level Cutting Machine 5000×2300×2200mm 1 set
26 Vertical Cuting Machine 4680×2350×2800mm 1 set
27 Hydraulic System of Vertical Cut Machine 5.5 KW -20Mp 1 set
VI. Autoclaving Process
28 Winch Machine before Autoclave 5T 1 set
29 Steam Cart 4 M×1.6M 28 set
30 Winch After Autoclave 5T 2 set
VII.Electric Controlling System
31 Automatic PLC Control Cabinet &Wires Siemens,Schneider 3 set
VIII.Mould Box Recycle Using System
32 Plate Conveyor 0.87×0.25 16 set
The other parts from our parts supplier
1 Ball Mill Φ1.83×7m 1 set
2 Jaw Crusher PE200×350 1 set
3 Bucket Lift Machine HL200 1 set
4 Raymond Mill(include dust removal) 4R3216 1 set
5 Vibrate Feeder 0-10T 1 set
6 Bucket Lift Machine D250 1 set
7 Coal Boiler DZL4-1.6 1 set
8 Autoclave Φ2m×31m 2 set
9 Steam Distribution Cylinder Φ325 2 set
3.The parts need buying locally by buyer
1 Cast Building Welding Steel Construction 1 set
2 Steam Room&Pipe Brick&Concrete DN80 1 set
3 Steam,PPR Water Pipe&Valve DN80/50/25 1 set
4 U-steel(MouldBox) 18# 124 m
5 Crane Rail 24kg/m 90 m
6 H Steel 350×175×7×11 90 m
7 Crane Pillar Φ180×5 50 m
8 Light Rail 12kg/m 1000 m
9 H Steel(Plate Transport) 100×100×6×8 60 m



Light weight concrete AAC Block brick production Line / production equipment


1. Land of 8000 is Required

2. Workshop area – approximately 30000 M2 or 35000 M2

3. Total Plant equipment area ( construction area ) : 2000 M2 - 3000 M2

4. Power connection needed – 500 KVA

5. Ideal manpower requirement is 40 nos. (High Skilled – 10, skilled-10 and unskilled 20)

6. Skill division 40 workers = Main plant 2 nos of 10 hour shifts, 15 people each + Boiler & Autoclave

section 3 people in 3 shifts of 8 hours

7. Water requirement approximately 225 Tons per Day.

8. Fly Ash requirement approximately 225 Tons per day

9. The above power and plant calculations are based on Fly ash based AAC without Lime Crushing Unit

and Ball mill for sand. If the process require, we may add them at a later stage. But surely we give

provisions for them at site from installation stage .

10. 300 working days is considered annually.

11 Fly to be provided free of cost by power plants. Only transportation to be arranged by Project.

Average distance of 250 KM

12. AAC Blocks of varies sizes will be manufactured according to the market requirement, though

mainly stipulated sizes as per the BIS standards.